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Facebook Cheat Code: Select All Friends

Do you have an event or even your Facebook fan page that you want to share with ALL your friends in an easy way.  Some might call this a Facebook cheat code, but its really just a shortcut.  You see, usually when you try to share something with your friends, a pop up box shows up and you can select only groups of friends when trying to “select all” or you need to click on each individual person.

Here is your Facebook short cut.  Enjoy and Please Share this link with anyone else that wants to save some time and is interested in marketing to all their friends.

Step 1:  This is the new, working 2011 facebook select all friends code. When you are sharing a fan page or an event and it asks you to chose which friends you want to email, paste this code below in the address bar (you know, the URL Bar where is) at the top of your browser, hit enter, and it will select ALL your friends.  🙂

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(‘checkableitems[]’);dn=0;ds=0;ac=0;for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === ‘object’){if (elms[fid].disabled == true){ds++;} else {if (elms[fid].checked == true){ac++;} else {elms[fid].click();dn++;}}}};

Step 2:  Everyone will get your invite so enjoy your growth!

Having trouble, well I shot a quick video:

Here is a quick video demonstration:  How to use facebook cheat code to select all friend for invite…

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  • Jordanlevin22

    This did not work for me. It froze my friends list and did not sent the suggestion. Any advise on how to undo this?

  • Sonny

    OK, new code works!  Its been tested and used many many times now.  LOVE IT!

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