New Facebook FanPage Log In Tip

New Facebook Allows FB Page Owners To Log In As FanPage

Huge announcement today from Facebook for anyone that has a fan page! The new FanPage/ Facebook Pages Design will allow owners of Fan Pages to log in and interact with the rest of the Facebook World as the FB Page.

Many business owners have been finding it hard to build their Fan Pages. They were finding that people were less likely to “Like” a Fan Page than an individual. Yet as an individual, Facebook limits your connections to 5000. Well now with this new feature, Business Owners can interact with their community on behalf of their Fan Page. Let me share a quick video with you about what this means and how this works!

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I just performed showing you HOW to log in as a Fan Page.  Don’t worry, I also show how to log back out.

Enjoy!  Please feel free to share this page with others. And as always, leave me a comment!

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    Great thing they did that..

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    The details are well-explained and very concise.

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