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2017: We live in a time where our current health care system is broken. There is more disease than ever. More people live with Chronic Pain (100M in the US) and Digestive Issues (80M in US) than ever before. And the traditional solutions are not working. People are looking for new ways to deal with their symptoms… new ways to get to the root cause.

The SOL SOLUTION is to bring them back to nature. Bring people back to the ancient study of healthcare. Ayurveda is the oldest study of medicine ever documented, over 5,000 years old.

We believe it’s about taking control of your health. Putting the power of your well being in your own hands. BEING your own Doctor. Now of course, Western Medicine is still needed. We just don’t want to rely on it as the only answer anymore. It’s time to wake up to new solutions!

The answer lies WITHIN.

Sol Marketing Solutions specializes in product development, supplement and nutraceutical online marketing & distribution, business planning, fundraising & operational support. Contact us today for an introductory call.

Surround yourself with the best:

  • Our science team has over 27 years in BioMedicines
  • CEO James Sol Radina has launched over 15 different companies
  • COO Abe has 10+ years in Hemp Foods industry and has been an executive for a $25M+ company.
  • We pride ourselves as “walking the walk” in everything we do.
  • We Are All IN For All Life!
  • We give more than we take, afterall, it’s going to require this from everyone to right the wrong that we have caused this sacred planet.
  • Our scholarship program is 2nd to none in our industry.
  • We focus on the most bioavailable herbal SOLutions, backed by patents and science.

SOL Marketing SOLutions provides marketing consulting and partnerships for businesses that are serious about entering the nutraceutical market. We work with various industry leaders that are VALUES ALIGNED and we help you build products that work and save lives. Along with bringing in profits. Doing good while making a living, that’s what it’s all about. We provide access to the top scientists and experts in the world and hold your hand through the process.

Process of Launching A Game Changing Nutraceutical Product:

1. Idea Consulting – Do you have a brilliant idea for a product? We can make it happen. Let’s flesh out your business concepts and turn them into reality. We’ll work hand-in-hand to conceptualize the best business models, product features, and launch. All we need from you is your one, big idea. From there, we will take it to the next level.

2. Vision & Planning – Now that we’ve created goals for the project, our dedicated team will specify the details and get them down on paper. This way, both your team and ours, know every aspect of the project and are on the same page every time.

3. Product Mock Ups & Samples – The next step is the Mock-Up & Sampling process where we plan and refine the user experience of your product. We make sure that the results for the experience you want to create, are exactly the way you want it to, working with the end customer in mind. You will then have samples to share with your friends and family, along with product prototypes to hold in your hand. This is one of the most exciting parts of the entire process!

5. Final Product Development – Our product development team will ensure that your product meets the highest standards and goes through “triple testing” with independent labs to verify our work. SOL Marketing SOLutions partners with the best labs, scientists, and formulators to ensure that your product is exactly the way you want it.

6. Marketing & Launch – We are here to support you. SOL Marketing SOLutions has an expert team of writers, marketers, and advertising professionals who can ensure that your product reaches the most amount of people. We will support you in getting the eyeballs you need to reach your goals- from paid to organic traffic, and from press releases to cross promotion of similar products.

We Offer a Complete Solution

SOL Marketing Solutions offers a complete package for your nutraceutical product creation and development. Our service includes:

* Project Management
Stay within your budget and finish right on schedule! With SOL Marketing SOLutions, you can say hello to constant updates and hands-on management thanks to dedicated project managers who’ll look after you every step of the way.

* Testing
You don’t want bad reviews from your customers. That’s why our dedicated Testing and Quality Assurance Team works thoroughly to ensure that all products undergo a rigorous review and testing process. They check for heavy metals, microbial’s, pesticides, active ingredients and so much more.

* Support
Our service doesn’t stop once your product is available to the public. SOL Marketing SOLutions offers total support well beyond your product going live.

It’s time to innovate and stay ahead of your competition. Contact SOL Marketing Solutions today for a free consultation.

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