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The New Twitter

Finally… Twitter has completed the roll out of a brand new version and they are calling it… drum roll please… ‘The New Twitter‘ available to all users.

This “New Twitter” is available to all users, all 160 million of them in over 5 languages. And for those that do not like change, you will be able to switch between the “New Twitter” and “Old Twitter” says Carolyn Penner the spokesperson for

This roll out process has been in the works for a while. By the time you read this blog post, the site will be completely turn over.

So what’s so special you may ask?? How about multi-media viewing right from Before, when you clicked on a video or audio, you were taken off the Twitter site. Now you may enjoy it right there inside the “New Twitter.” This includes images.

Also, look for new navigation controls, a drop down menu that you will find at the top of your profile, and a favorite among the social media savvy… the ability to see conversations in a thread on your messages page, making life much easier.

Here at Sol Marketing SOLutions, we have to know… How Do You Like Your “New Twitter?” Want to go back to the Old Twitter? Or are you even going to Twitter these days vs a 3rd Party Client such as HootSuite?

Please leave your comments below.  We will respond and strike up a conversation with you.

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