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What Is A Product Launch?

Have you ever wondered how Apple gets lines of customers queuing for days every time they launch a new iPhone, iPad or other gadget?

It’s not just luck.  It’s part of a well-orchestrated product launch plan that they’ve been implementing for months.  Now this product launch process isn’t an “Apple” only process… it’s something YOU can also use in your business.

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You see, the goal of a Product Launch is to build momentum in your market place where customers, competitors and alliance partners are all talking about your new launch.  By sparking these kinds of conversations you build a buzz about your product .People realize that there’s a potential for your product to sell out or run out of stock, so many of them buy as soon as they can

This is exactly what Apple does, and over the years they’ve got very good at it, but as I said earlier this isn’t an Apple-only process.  You can achieve the same outcome as Apple by following the 4 step product launch process outlined below.  Now it’s important to note this is the exact same process we’ve built and used for our clients over the last 3 years.

You want to do this right as screwing up a launch can be devastating to a business!  We have seen too many people fail in epic ways during launch week.  There are so many moving parts, you really need to have an expert on your team that has managed 7 figure launches.

The 4 Step Product Launch Process


Step #1: Product Creation

The product creation step is where we take a company’s expertise and package that into a single sale-able product.  If you’ve watched Apple’s launches you would have noticed they don’t launch multiple products at once, they launch a single product and create as much market place momentum for that product as possible.  This same principle needs to be applied to your business, create a single product for the target of the product launch.

Here at Sol Marketing Solutions we specialize in helping companies package a product for online sales or through a mobile app.  It all starts here.  Over delivering on your product will create life time customers.  Our job is to help you create the greatest product your customers have ever seen.

Step #2: List Building

The Gold lies in your prospect & customer list.  The list-building phase is where we start to gain momentum in the market by generating a list of potential customers who are interested in learning about your product and how it may benefit them.  By creating this list you’ve now built a targeted, qualified audience to notify when your product launches.  This will result in initial launch sales and further market momentum.

It is no longer a “Build it and they will come” market online.  The marketplace is not interested in old style marketing gimmicks.  There are proven methods for building a strong list of prospect that become loyal fans.  List building goes beyond your website and your social media… it requires a 360° approach.

Step #3: Relationship Management

The third step is probably the most important.  It’s the process of taking a lead generated in step two and turning them into a customer who literally can’t wait any longer to buy your product.  Most people spend 100% of their energy building their customer list and no time or energy cultivating the ongoing relationship with this valuable asset!  Through a series of well crafted promotions we’ll engage your potential customers and have them sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to purchase the moment your products released.  It’s all about positioning here.

Step #4: Launch Management

And finally, it’s time to LAUNCH to the world!  This final stage requires someone to manage all the moving parts as they come together.  Everything from timing & release of pre-launch videos, to managing the technology process, and from the opening of the shopping cart to delivering the actual procuct.  It is our goal to bring in more sales during a 10 day launch than most companies see in an entire year.  So needless to say, there are many things to keep an eye on.  And it is extremely important that you have an experienced team to work with.

As you can see, a product launch is a science and when executed properly there are huge results.  In 2011 we performed the above 4 steps with the John Maxwell Team.  Their results were quite amazing, but also quite typical for a well executed launch.  In January there was no list and no product.  By March 3rd, we were launching a brand new product to 30,000 people we built on a list.  The result?  $3.1 Million during our launch.  Since then we turned the launch funnel into an Evergreen Model and almost hit a $10 Million first year.

If you’d like to see how a product launch can inject new customers and cashflow into your business, just fill in the form below and one of our consultants will be in contact.

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