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The Importance of SEO

Recently I was asked to answer a few questions for a newspaper about Search Engine Optimization.  It was directed at small & medium sized business owners, which is my favorite segment, so I participated.  Here are the questions and my answers….

Q: Importance of quality relevant content and how it helps the organic rankings in the serps.

– Extremely important. Google is not the #2 website (now behind Facebook 🙂 for no reason. As the #1 search engine in the world, they know when a website is valuable. If you expect to rank for a key term when someone searches that word, you better have relavent content on your site for that word. Not only the word, but also categories and pictures that represent that word. If you have junk, you will get junk results. Period.

Biggest mistake that do it yourselfers commit when taking on SEO.

– I see all types of mistakes from ugly code in the website, to keyword stuffing (when you copy and paste a bunch of random text at the bottom of your site in small letters or in white so that a person visiting can not see it)… and from not filling out the home page’s title to having absolutely no relavent sites linking to their site. I would have to say, the biggest mistake I see is when someone does not even optimize their homepage. I see too many sites with only the name of their company in the title and NO keywords.

What should a business owner look for when choosing an SEO professional/company.

– Start by asking questions. Work with someone in your home country so you get back links that are local. Definitely work with someone you can trust and that has a proven track record. And work with someone that will treat you like their only client, not just a number. It is important to be able to call you SEO company and talk about what they are doing and ask questions about your traffic, analytics, leads!

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