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Social Media- Managing Yourself

Here are some simple questions you should answer when thinking about how Social Media will work for you.  It helps to look at the two spheres of social media activity—personal and professional—against the target audience—private and public.

1.  Are your goals personal, professional, or both?

2.  Is your desired target audience private (friends, family, co-workers, personal groups), or public (the world or your industry)?

3.  What resources do you have?  List your strengths and weaknesses.

These questions were derived from a recent Harvard Business Review Article.  One important question they left out is:

What are you passionate about?  This is important because you want it to be easy for you to write and interact and be authentic in everything you do on Social Media.

We would love to help.  Let us know what your goals are.  Or if you have any questions, ask them below in a comment and we will respond!

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