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Text Message Marketing: The Simple Truth

Recently, T-Mobile the wireless giant, released some new about raising its rate for businesses to send out bulk SMS messages.  (Please note this is based upon a text message business account with T-Mobile and does not affect the Unlimited Text Message service we offer here at Http://  2010 Cell Phones & American Adults (Per Internet & American Life Project):  Americans love texting!  Based upon over 2200 phone interviews with adults 18 and older, 72% of all American send & receive text messages.  This study was done in April and May of this year.This increase of rate is only a quarter of one cent, but when you are planning on sending thousands or hundreds of thousands of text messages a month, this can become a large number.  This news actually created some heated emails and blog posts to T-Mobile as business owners and marketers clearly see the benefit of Text Message Marketing.

More and more business are starting to use Text Message Marketing, similar to how they would send out bulk email messages.  The big difference, Open Rates are over 90%!  Email open rates are well below 30% today and 48 hour is the average time.  Text messages are on average opened in 4 minutes.

How HUGE is the market?

Looking for communication tool for the masses?  Text message marketing, aka SMS, is the only universal platform that anyone with a cell phone can use.   And the market is HUGE.  Plus there are no downloads that people need in order to receive messages.

  • 91% of the US population has a cell phone. That totals 285 million wireless users in the USA as of December 2009.
  • There are more mobile phones in the USA than there are PCs.
  • 23% of all USA households are “wireless-only” households. They have no land-line.
  • More than 152 billion SMS text messages are sent out each month in the USA.

SOL marketing SOLutions, aka SMS, except in this post we will not refer to ourselves as SMS for obvious reasons, offers a true unlimited text message plan.  Unlike companies such as T-Mobile, we do NOT charge per message.  Most companies advertising SMS Marketing for business owners are charging per message.  We charge a flat monthly fee and you can send as many messages as you want!

If you do not need unlimited messages, meaning you do not feel that your list will be greater than a few hundred people, then we have packages starting at $100.

If you have a large list of people subscribed to your email list, a large following, and/ or have big goals for building a Mobile Marketing SOLution, then ask us about our True Unlimited Text Message Marketing Plan… under $500!

Here is a little Secret about SMS Marketing:

To be successful with SMS Marketing, you should have a call to action that takes your customers to a mobile optimized landing page.  Or, insert a clickable phone number that will dial your front desk or a sales person.  We recommend a mobile optimized landing page that informs your audience about your offer and gives them the extra information that will not fit in the 160 character SMS message.  Here are SOL marketing SOLutions, we offer simple low costs mobile marketing landing pages.  Contact Us Today to get set up and receive a free Text Message Consultation!  We know the industry and will help you get into the Mobile Marketing Mindset.

Some Truth Requiring Opt In For Text Message Marketing:

The Answer is Yes!
You must obtain an opt-in for Text Message Marketing.

There are specific guidelines laid out by the Mobile Marketing Associate that says you must obtain approval from customers AND prospects before sending a SMS or MMS message, or any other content, to someone’s cell phone for commercial purposes.  If there is a finacial obligation, this MUST be laid out.  And you must also send instruction about how to quit, usually by texting “STOP” or “QUIT” to the sender.

Here are SOL Marketing SOLutions we follow the rules.  And we would never take on a client that has SPAM in mind.  All of your subscribers must know that they are signing up for text messages and they must know how to easily stop the messages.  It’s a simple reply of “stop” or “quit” here at SOL marketing SOLutions.

Contact Us Today to get set up and receive a free Text Message Consultation!

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    In my opinion,  By using SMS Mobile Marketing, people who send multiple sms messages to continue on their message might be thought by many as too aggressive or unpleasant by a customer

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