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Understanding Basic SEO

Organic SEO- What is it?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, a process used to improve the way Search Engines view a website (search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…).   There are basically two types of SEO: on-page optimisation and off-page

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optimization.  On-page optimization focuses on the improvement of the actual content and the individual pages of your website.  This helps with how a search engine rates or ranks your website.  On-page optimization is vital to your companies success, especially if you want to be on the coveted page one!  Second, off-page optimization happens when inbound links are created to your website from other websites, videos, articles, press releases, directory submissions, social networking sites and much much more.

Organic is typically thought of as free SEO. You see, unlike pay per click advertisements that line the top and the right side of your search results, organic listings do not get charged by Google (or any of the other Search Engines) for your traffic or leads.  And it gets better.  Studies have shown that the first three placements on Google’s Page 1 receive over 75% of all the traffic while the paid advertisements only receive about 2-3%!  In a later post I will share with you proof.  I have access to some images that are heat images and show where consumers eyes go.  People are not longer looking at the advertisements… in fact, they are now calling them blind spots.

With on-page optimization, you will need to focus on title tags, seo friendly url’s, your page descriptions, meta-tags, and most importantly, your website content.  With on-page optimization, you want the search engines to “crawl” your page and find relavent content to what your customers are searching for.  If you have irrelevant information, or copied material from another site, or a page with broken links, Google will not give you the credit that you probably deserve.  With as many websites that are popping up each day, Google no longer recognizes websites that appear to be junk.  So, step one is on-page optimization.

Now let’s talk briefly about Off-Page Optimization.  This is where it gets fun!  This is where Social Media comes in.  Yes, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and the hundreds of other social media sites DO have value.  As mentioned earlier, Off-Page Optimization also includes Press Release Marketing, Articles, Videos, Directory Submissions, and everything in between that will provide a link back to your site.  The simplest way to understand how this is important is to think of each link as a referral.  Google looks at links coming from other sites as people and companies giving you referrals of traffic.  And referrals are good!  But some referrals are better than others…

When it comes to receiving links from other sites, not every link referral is created equal.  In fact, quite the oposite is true.  If Google finds your links on a bunch of sites that spammers hang out on, this is not good.  Also, it is important to get links from high page rank sites.  Google gives sites a page rank based upon numberous factors such as domain age, links, content, pages indexed, etc.  A site with a page rank of 1 is low and a page rank of 10 is the highest.  And 5 links on a sites ranking a PR of 5 will be equivalent to 555 links on a sites with PR of 4… it is an exponential growth as you move up in rankings.  Also, .gov, .edu and .org sites linking to you will have greater value than most .com sites.

I hope that this basic introduction, this basic overview of how SEO works will give you a greater understanding and awareness.  I could write for days and I will be updating this blog often with new content…. so check back frequently.  I have a passion for helping companies market themselves online.  I am more than happy to show you the way for you to do it yourself.  Yet, I will also recommend you focus on what you do best, and that is run your business, and you outsource the rest to proven successful companies like Sol Marketing SOLutions.  Fell free to contact us at anytime and you will get a free consultation.  Or just pick up the phone and ask a question.  We are always happy to help our friendly small – medium sized business owners!

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